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Lola is a Bhakti Yogi, movement artist and therapist. She has an extensive training in Yoga & Meditation, Buddhism, Positive Psychology, Dance, Art & Movement Therapy, Martial Arts and Japanese Calligraphy. Lola is the author of upcoming book Relax and Love: Find Your Balance And Long-Lasting Happiness With Yoga, Buddhism and Positive Psychology, and the creator of the Organic Flow Method - a movement-based practice that synthesizes Movement, Touch and Play to awaken and cultivate both somatic intelligence and heart wisdom.  She has studied and worked in India, Japan, Vietnam, The Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Greece. Her current location is Bali, Indonesia. 


Bamboo Cottages, Phu Quoc, Vietnam 
Creative Art Center Mumbai, India 
Tapir Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India 
Arya Marga Yoga Institute, Bir, India 
Art Park, Rhodos, Greece 
Nomad Yoga, Hoi An, Vietnam 
Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, Ahmedabad, India 
Awaji Art Circus, Awaji Island, Japan 
Takt Art Residency, Berlin, Germany 
Tatwerk, Berlin, Germany 
Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, Czech Republic 
Nirvana Studios, Mumbai, India 
NoD Experimental Space, Prague, 
Czech Republic Smetanova Litomysl Festival, Czech Republic 

                                            Get in touch to learn more about upcoming workshops and retreats: